CRC Study Group: The War on People

July 15, 29
August 12, 26 September 9, 26

4017 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Join us in learning further about harm reduction, criminal justice reform and more as we shape CRC's War on People project.

The War on Drugs has clearly been a failure. It has separated and proved especially devastating for Black and Brown families and communities. It continues to drive mass incarceration and racial disparity in judicial systems. Despite changes in public perception about substance use and criminalization, the War on Drugs incessantly resurges with new actors and threats. How can we resist logics of control and compliance? How can we seriously disinvest from the War on Drugs and instead invest in the neighborhoods that it has harmed? This initiative aims to foster dialogue to facilitate the development of strategies for resistance, resilience and cultural change.

July 15 (6-9p)
Screening of "The House I Live In" by Eugene Jarecki

July 29
"Liberation or Gangsterism" by Russell Maroon Shoats 

August 12
Control, Paternalism and the Criminal Justice System 
"Postscript on the Societies of Control" by Gilles Deleuze

August 26
Let's talk about Harm Reduction (Baby)
"Conditions of possibility : a conversation with Monique Tula" from Pleasure Activism by adrienne maree brown
Additional listening:

September 9
Service Landscape: Harm Reduction in Philadelphia

September 23: Closing Session Rescheduled
Listen to: Justice in America with Mariame Kaba and Prision Abolition

What does a world without prisons and police look like? What is harm? What is the future of justice and accountability in our society? Let's talk about it! 

||| Trigger Warning |||
CRC study group conversations often contain descriptions of personal, second hand, and/or collective experiences of trauma, including addiction, suicide, self-harm, extreme states, histories of psychiatric care (hospitalizations, medications), eating disorders, and violence. Oppression and trauma of historically marginalized people are points of focus. CRC organizers frame these conversations so that the hopefulness of collective problem solving is uplifted. Still, content may inspire disturbing and distressing thoughts, emotions, and/or behaviors. Please prioritize your self-care and contact CRC organizers ( at any time with questions or concerns about upcoming content or to check in after an event.

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Creative Resilience Collective is a health justice organization based in Philadelphia. We partner with underserved communities and advocates looking to combat stigma and improve access to self-determined mental health care.

We believe our collective agency can create positive change in care systems, leading to more equitable futures. We do this through educational workshops, study groups, critical writing, public art, youth programs, and the building of local tools and resources to shape the evolution of dignified care.


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