City Wide Bed Board 

A platform to create greater access to substance use treatment for individuals with Medicaid.

There are many barriers to accessing treatment for underserved people in Philadelphia experiencing substance use disorder. Creative Resilience Collective (CRC) has worked with health care navigators and advocates to identify some of the primary barriers to accessing substance use treatment to envision tools and systems that could better serve people who need them.

Some of the primary challenges we’ve heard include (but are not limited to):

    • Wait times
    • Cost and/or lack of insurance
    • Administrative failures
    • Lack of treatment resources
    • Bureaucracy (e.g. requiring identification cards)

The challenges led us to envision what a real time city-wide bed board, representing up to date available beds for detox and inpatient care, could look like if all major treatment facilities in Philadelphia were to contribute to sharing this information. 
What if detox and inpatient beds that fit the needs of the most vulnerable people were made easier to find? Would we save navigators and crisis response centers valuable time coordinating care? 

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Creative Resilience Collective is a health justice organization based in Philadelphia. We partner with underserved communities and advocates looking to combat stigma and improve access to self-determined mental health care.

We believe our collective agency can create positive change in care systems, leading to more equitable futures. We do this through educational workshops, study groups, critical writing, public art, youth programs, and the building of local tools and resources to shape the evolution of dignified care.

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