Mutual Aid Fundraiser

A campaign to raise funds for seven Black-led organizations and six young Black artists in solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives.


Creative Resilience Collective and Slought announced a mutual aid fundraiser in solidarity with the movement for Black lives and racial justice on June 10, 2020 that collectively raised over $14,797.

The drive ran from June 10-24, 2020 and matched up to $7,000 in donations made to the seven Black-led organizations. These seven organizations were chosen for their efforts to provide direct aid and life sustaining services to Black trans folks, youth, and movement organizers.

Thank you to all who participated in the fundraiser. We received over 85 donations totaling $7797.75 and honored all donations (up to our $7,000 commitment) by matching receipts submitted to a publicly accessible form. Donations to the seven Black-led organizations featured in this fundraiser were matched 1:1 based on the receipt and order they were submitted.

For public accountability, please refer to this anonymized public spreadsheet representing all donations matched.

In addition to the fundraiser, we disbursed funds to six Black Philly-based artists for existing art work supporting the Movement for Black Lives: Avani Alvarez, Marian Bailey, Gerald A. Brown, C.F. Jones, Alexis Rogers, and Kah Yangni. Artists received an unrestricted $100 honorarium for work and a set of printed posters for them to sell. Thanks to Fireball Printing, we were also able to provide artists with 50 printed posters to sell and freely distribute. Contact us to help us sustain and grow this platform.

Learn more about the mutual fundraiser campaign in our announcement letter below. 

Dear CRC Community,

This week, with support from our friends, family, and Slought, we launched a Mutual Aid Fundraiser in solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives. We are matching up to $7,000 in donations to seven organizations listed and described in the latter part of this message. The fundraiser goes until June 24th, 2020.

In choosing the organizations below, we focused on Black-led groups who offer mental health care services or other direct aid to local Black communities in unceded territories of Chochenyo Ohlone and Lenni Lenape–now known respectively as Oakland, where CRC began in 2016, and Philadelphia, where we are currently based.

Mobilizing now to abolish policing and prisons demands a revolution in how the United States supports Black mental health care. People with mental illness diagnoses are 16 times more likely to be killed by police than the rest of the population, and Black people in the U.S. are three times more likely to be killed by police than white people. The drug war has installed warriorized police in Black communities living under constant surveillance. Psychiatry for its part still has yet to register “racial trauma” as a category in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual used to treat Black suffering. Across all medical services in the United States, medical professionals are not trained to listen to or valorize Black voices, from natal to hospice.

Community-based listening is how we practice health justice work. In listening to our networks over the past weeks, in particular Black youth in our Creative Resilient Youth program and community organizers calling for reparations, we organized this fundraiser to redistribute wealth from our extended communities to center and support Black-led organizations.

We will continue to match donations until we reach $7,000.

Black Trans Fund Donate via Groundswell
BTF pays Black trans social justice leaders to sustain their organizing work. Donations will support self-determination and abundance within Black trans movements.

Deep Space Mind (DSM) 215 Donate via Cashapp: $thatrararab (note: DSM215)
This Philly-based collective of healers with lived experience of mental health challenges is dedicated to redefining wellness, justice, and joy in the city of Philadelphia. Donations will support community-driven wellness workshops and gatherings.

People's Breakfast Oakland Donate via Venmo
PBO is a grassroots Black socialist political organization serving the houseless community in Oakland, CA. Donations will help to provide essential resources (food, clothing, and hygiene packs) to over 5000 Oakland residents.

Philly for REAL Justice Donate via Paypal
The Philadelphia Coalition for Racial, Economic, and Legal (REAL) Justice mobilizes to eliminate systems of white supremacy and police terror in Philadelphia. Donations will support community outreach, direct action, and education initiatives.
The Okra Project: Nina Pop or Tony McDade Mental Health Recovery Funds Donate via Paypal (specify Nina and/or Tony)
The Nina Pop and Tony McDade Mental Health Recovery Funds go toward providing accessible mental health support to Black trans folks in crisis. Donations will go toward one-time therapy sessions with licensed Black therapists. .

The Village Oakland Donate via Paypal
The Village provides direct aid and policy advocacy to curbside residents in Oakland. Donations will support efforts to decriminalize homelessness, as well as distribution of essential supplies to houseless and unsheltered folks, particularly those who are struggling most amid COVID-19.

Youth Art and Self-Empowerment Project Donate via Paypal
YASP is a Philly-based youth-led movement to end the practice of criminalizing youth as adults. Donations will help keep Philly teens out of adult prisons and provide a space for incarcerated youth to build leadership through creative and expressive arts.


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